Focus and Scope

Istinbath is Sinta 3-indexed journal. Journal Istinbath welcomes full research articles in the area of Islamic law and Sharia economic law, either in the form of research articles, theoretical development, or critical reflection on the field of islamic law and Sharia economic law. It focuses on the main topics:
(1) Hukum Keluarga Islam,
(2) Hukum Ekonomi Syariah,
(3) Hukum Pidana Islam,
(4) Fiqh-Ushul Fiqh,
(5) Kaidah Fiqhiyah,
(6) Masail Fiqhiyah,
(7) Tafsir, and
(8) Hadits Ahkam.
Authors are invited to submit articles that have not been published previously and are not under consideration elsewhere.